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Presentation Skills and Personal Effectiveness Coach, Trainer, Recruiter, Lecturer.
Linguist, Polyglot, Translator, Interpreter and a former Language Teacher.
I write about careers, languages, personal effectiveness and everything else that interests me.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Anna-Jane
6 years ago
How to Stay Sane When You're Unemployed

Tips on how to prevent depression and maintain a sense of purpose when you're unemployed.

Business & Money
by Anna-Jane
6 years ago
Work-Life Balance - A Luxury or a Human Right?

Long working hours are an increasing problem in corporations across the UK and the US. But, ironically, they don't make us more productive. Our European counterparts tend to work less but they get more work done. It proves that quality time outside of work contributes to our well-being and productivity. So why do we do it? And has work-life balance become a luxury rather than a human right?

by Anna-Jane
6 years ago
The Secrets to Learning a Language Fast

Tips to speed up foreign language acquisition

Business & Money
by Anna-Jane
6 years ago
Mind The Gender Pay Gap - Why Women Still Earn Less Than Men

The article explores the likely reason why in the 21st century women still on average earn less than men and provides a useful tip for women that could help increase their salary.

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