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Peter Geekie

A recently retired industrial and pharmaceutical chemist who has worked in the renewable energy field for the past 25 years. Additionally specialised in essential oils and herbs for medical and animal use for over 45 years with a particular emphasis on ancient, native, folk remedies and modern applications.
 Continues acting in a consultancy capacity for renewable natural non toxic solvents and fuels.
 Enjoys research into historical events, military Great War and WW2 history, world politics and writes novels.
 Spent many years developing ways to carry out cllinical tests without the use of lab animals (i.e.) by use of in-vitro tests and computer models. Active member of Compassion in World Farming and other work to improve the conditions of farmed and rescued animals and also to prevent the fur trade (particularly in china) Has three mad Siamese cats and a beautiful wife ( not necessarily in that order)
 All articles, writing and comments are strictly copyright to Peter Geekie.

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What do you want to see?
by Peter Geekie
6 years ago
Profile a terrorist by thinking like a terrorist.

To address the problem of terrorist religious or political atrocities it is necessary to think in the same way as the perpetrator. To be successful the British sense of "fair play" must be put to one side as we are dealing with a murderer who has no compassion or discrimination.

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