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In the ever-changing world in which we reside, the shifting economy has transformed us into superspecialists. The natural rebellion is, instead, to choose to be every thing, not just one thing. 
Hence why I call myself a postmodern rockstar, because in the postmodern world, the new dream is to live a gloriously attention-deficite-driven life. The reaction to superspecialization and mega-niche, is to be everything all the time. I love everything, and refuse to be a slave to an inch of the world while the whole thing beckons. 
I love comics, movies, magic, music, fire-eating, lifting weights, running, comedy, professional wrestling, investing, sales, science, philosophy and the internet. The "and" in the prior sentence is there simply because my mind ran out of immediately available interests. I love everything, I want to write about everything. Join me for an adventure? 

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What do you want to see?
by PostmodernRockstar
5 years ago
Tusk Review

Kevin Smith wrote a movie about a guy turning another guy into a Walrus. What's up with that?

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