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Powerfitz Publishing has produced articles here on Info Barrel since 09/10/09Francis D Walsh writes as awewriter for Powerfitz Publishing and A.W.E.Company Overview: (3rd Qtr 2010)Author Francis D. Walsh is kicking it into high gear. Much like the election races this year, I want to stay ahead of the game and Info Barrel is going to help to do that.I write with flair. Opinionated and direct like there is no other way to get it done, I want you to know that if you start you can finish. All articles have a part of me inside. Read what they say and you can learn something about the author at the same time. The whole idea behind creating fresh content is to make it fresh. Things to look forward to before the year is out? SOLSTICE: Days of the StillPOWERFITZ The home of awewriter.FACEBOOK Following awewriter on Facebook behind the scenes.FLESH FAREWELL Gets priority delivery of new articles, poems, and novels.Carne
Vale - Flesh Farewell is the first in a trilogy of Flesh Farewell
Novels. They are suspense thrillers. Fans of each Novel will get an
opportunity to receive focus group copies for those that join the group
for the focus reading opportunity."You must contact the author
to become a focus group member in order to receive a copy of the book
signed by the author after publication."The story here on
Facebook is an original copy of the first "Flesh Farewell" novel. Carne
Vale, the story, will be presented with links to images that compliment
chapters as they are being posted."All images are owned and collected by the original artist(s)." "The
links will take you to the original posting of the picture(s), they are
not associated in any way with the story or the author." "The author, Francis Damian Walsh, is posting links as an added bonus to the story.""All
people, characters, stories, and or ownership belongs to the original
creator of the image or art and the person or persons inside the images
are NOT associated with the story and should not be considered to be
"Characters" in the story." (read less)

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