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by ProPress26
7 years ago
TOP 9 Most Popular Yoga Styles

Yoga can simply be described as a form of exercise that focuses mostly on flexibility, strength and breathing so as to boost your physical and mental health. It comprises mainly of postures, which are a series of movements designed to ease movements thus increasing flexibility and breathing. There are various styles used in yoga practice. They include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda and so forth. They vary in the way of practice, some being more vigorous than others, some emphasizing on different parts of the body, and of course having different results. No single style can be said to be generally better than the other or more authentic than the other but combining various styles will provide a healthier and stronger body. However there are some of the most used and popular styles which are used in yoga and they include the following.

by ProPress26
7 years ago
Yoga & Breathing: Importance of breathing in Yoga

Breathing exercise which is also known as Pranayama is one of the five basic principles of yoga. This exercise has been a vital factor in the yoga practice since Yogis realized the importance of adequate oxygen supply to the body. Thus they have developed various breathing techniques which help vitalize breathing and control one breath. This science of breathe control consist of a series of exercises intended to ensure proper breathing so as to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain.

by ProPress26
7 years ago
Celebrity Sexy Body Shaped With Yoga

It is not a secret that most celebrities' sexy bodies have been shaped with yoga. Yoga is a great way for calming the mind, giving you a strong body and also eradicating away excess fats thus giving you a sexy and healthy body. There are lots of yoga practice styles which have been proved to give you effective results in attaining a perfect body.

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