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Has a keen interest in anime (I'm a big anime fan), playing video games (the usual fun stuff)
martial arts, physical fitness, basketball and good dieting. 
My other interest/hobby is soaking up all the knowledge for making it out as an entrepreneur online.
I have a degree in Business and need to use it maybe you would like to join me in my endeavor? 
If you do click here 

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What do you want to see?
by RBan3
9 years ago
How to fight back against rising gas prices with gas saving tips

Save money and gas by following these simple tips. You don't have to be a car whiz to follow these suggestion.

Business & Money
by RBan3
9 years ago
Visit Oceanside's top three Japanese restaurant

Visit Oceanside's top three Japanese restaurant and tourist will be an avid fan of sushi and the Japanese cuisines.

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9 years ago
Top ten gifts for dad in 2011

Top ten father's day gift list in 2011 that will show how much you care about your dad.

by RBan3
9 years ago
What is the big deal about Nike + iPod Nano?

The Nike plus ipod nano system is designed for runners that want to optimize their performance while enjoying their runs at the same time. Runners will agree this system is a must if one's goal is to consistently keep a track record of good runs.

by RBan3
9 years ago
An effective way to burn fat

In order to effectively burn fat one must use proper dieting and correct exercises. Calorie counting and aerobic/anaerobic exercises are key pieces to shedding belly fat and overall body fat.

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