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Von Rosenberg

Von Rosenberg is a non-profit executive and consultant and the founder of Two Dollar Monkey. He enjoys helping non-profits to thrive by understanding that their mission is above and beyond a mere job, it is a calling. He also enjoys helping non-profit boards of directors get their heads out of their a... umm... I mean sand... out of the sand. Von enjoys discussing archane topics, making obscure cultural references and occasionally plays at being a cutler. He regards words as tools, used to cut and shape ideas and prepare them for transmission. (i.e., He likes to write.)Von occasionally blogs about his experiments with using the internet to generate income on The Niche Blog. Drop by sometime and have a laugh!

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Von Rosenberg
6 years ago
Paleo Diet Plan for Beginners

Is the Paleo Diet right for you, or should caveman fare be left to the Neanderthals of pre-history? Find out what the paleo-buzz is all about!

by Von Rosenberg
6 years ago
Friends from Damascus - A Book Review

A review of the book, Friends from Damascus, by Cliff Happy.

by Von Rosenberg
6 years ago
Baby Names for Boys

Picking a name for your newborn son can be a daunting challenge. Although parents put alot of anxious thought and second-guessing into their decision, it turns out that the whole thing is really alot easier than you thought. So, let's talk about names for your baby boy! :-)

Business & Money
by Von Rosenberg
6 years ago
What Type of Certification Do Employers Look for in a Paralegal Candidate?

As a career adviser, I am often asked, "What qualifications do employers really look for in a paralegal candidate?" Although a degree is often necessary to begin working, you will need further certification to continue your career. This article helps to explain some of the requirements for a successful paralegal career.

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