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I am a Christian, Libertarian, American.  As the son of a preacher and an English major, the importance of speaking proper English was ingrained into my head from day one. My father, being raised in the traditions of the old deep South, is a stickler for proper table manners, proper headgear etiquette, and showing the utmost respect for women; in short, he was raised to be a gentleman, and has passed that down to his children.I have traveled around throughout my life; I moved a lot in my youth, and have continued that pattern as an adult.  I have lived in $500,000 homes, and I have been homeless. I have worked high paying jobs, and I have worked for nearly free. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity  to engage  people of all walks of life in one-on-one conversation. I believe that this gives me an incredible insight on the overall human condition, as well as a unique perspective from which to write.

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