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My name is Samantha and I love to write.  I've recently finished college and feel I learned a lot that I now want to share with others.  I write articles about the many topics are love most and know a lot about.  I also love to listen to music, enjoy my time with friends and family, and read.  I hope you all find my writing to your interest!

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What do you want to see?
by SamanthaVin
7 years ago
Save the Environment and Your Health by Reducing Plastic Consumption

Recycling is a great practice that can help save the environment, but you can take it one step further and help save your health, too. Eliminate plastic for your home and life and reap the rewards.

by SamanthaVin
8 years ago
How to Make Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? If so, learn how to make soft cookies because they are the best type out there among most cookie fans.

by SamanthaVin
8 years ago
How to Make Fluffy Pancakes

Have you always wanted to make amazing pancakes? Do yours always turn out wrong? Follow these tips to make sure you always make great pancakes.

Business & Money
by SamanthaVin
8 years ago
How to Start a House Sitting Service Business

Looking for a new business idea? House sitting is a great way to make extra money without spending a lot of extra time, plus there are very few start up costs.

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