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Sean Allen

Sean Allen has led a life full of excitement and brushes with death. He is a school teacher, has run a full time martial arts academy, worked as a doorman, been married and divorced and chased extreme sports all over the world and recently had life saving heart surgery.
His travels have had him whitewater rafting in the Himalayas and surfing a tidal bore wave down the Amazon River amongst piranha, crocodiles and anaconda.

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Business & Money
by Sean Allen
7 years ago
Negotiating A Lease Is A Game

There are two rules to negotiating a lease. Actually these two rules can be used to negotiate the sale of anything, however a lease is the topic of discussion. Rule 1 is knowing that it is a game. Rule 2 is understanding the rules of the game.

by Sean Allen
7 years ago
What Is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts is a term widely used to describe a form of self defence. For parents wanting to enrol a child, choosing the right type is confusing. Teacher, author and martial arts instructor Sean Allen explains how to choose.

by Sean Allen
7 years ago
The Personal Side Of A Serial Killer

My Family Crosses The Path Of A Murderer. A brush with death gives my family a sense of being part of history.

by Sean Allen
7 years ago
Is It Depression Or Just A Bad Day?

It's what we think but rarely say about our personality.

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