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Hi! I'm Peter and I'm all about changing the world.
After studying the financial industry for a time, I realized that it and the financial advice that comes along with it is seriously flawed. I believe that all that we put effort into should be with the intent of creating value for others.
I'm just starting out with this new change of my mindset, but I'm going to work hard and hopefully do my part to make the world a better place.

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What do you want to see?
Business & Money
by Shafferpj
8 years ago
Banks versus Online Banks versus Credit Unions

The world changes constantly and we often need to reassess how we are holding on to our money. This article discusses some of the differences between banks, online banks and credit unions.

Business & Money
by Shafferpj
8 years ago
401(k)s, IRAs and The Eternal Principle of Creating Value

The majority of people start saving for retirement investing in 401(k)s, IRAs or other similar methods. What they don't do is think deeply about how this can hurt not only them but others in the long run.

by Shafferpj
8 years ago
How to effectively learn another language

This is one of the most effective, proven ways to learn a second langage. If you've got the will-power to stick with it you'll be fluent in no time!

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