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I have a great interest in Tolkien, in nature and kayaking. Being born and raised in Denmark, I am not a native english speaker, but I do my best and hope for forgiveness.

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by Skymind
4 years ago
City Names in Denmark - Why and When

If you have ever visited Denmark then you may have wondered about the city names. What do they mean, and why do so many of them have endings like -lev, -rup or -sted? Here you will find a description of the historical significance of the more common endings, together with a few examples.

by Skymind
5 years ago
The Gold Horns of Denmark

The Gold Horns are among the most famous relics from prehistoric Denmark. Much of their fame is related to the story of their theft from the Royal Chamber of Arts.

by Skymind
5 years ago
Why Afteryear is Great

The season between summer's end and winter's onset, is one of the four most beautiful seasons. The trees, the mushrooms, the weather and the migrating birds all contribute in making this a magnificent season.

by Skymind
5 years ago
Elvish Calendar of Imladris

Tolkien created not only a world and populated it with many races and people. He also developed a comprehensive language, culture and history for each race. In this article the calendar used by the elves in Imladris (Rivendell) is explained.

by Skymind
5 years ago
Kayaking Around Glaenoe, Denmark

Glaenoe is a small danish island. The waters around it are shallow, and the variations in the landscape makes it an enjoyable trip for kayak beginners. The entire trip is about 16 kilometers / 10 miles, and you can make it in less than three hours.

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