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I've been an Internet lurker for a long time now. Writing here is part of my attempt to mix things up a little.

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Home & Garden
by Sniqs
5 years ago
Dremel® Moto-Saw™: A Beginner's Review

Are you looking to buy a scroll saw and considering the Dremel® Moto-Saw™? In this article I give you a beginner's look at the saw, it's quirks and shortcomings.

Business & Money
by Sniqs
5 years ago
Saving Money with GnuCash

If you've ever read a blog about saving money, one of the first points they usually make is "record your expenses". However, all that data is not very useful if you can't easily analyze it. There's a myriad of options out there and I encourage you to try them out, but in this article I'll talk about GnuCash, which is what I'm using now.

Home & Garden
by Sniqs
5 years ago
Simple Guide to Efficient Moving By Yourself

Whether you've rented a new apartment or bought a house, you need to somehow get your stuff from the old place to the new one. Of course, you can hire someone to move your things, but you can easily do it on your own. Well. at least if you're a minimalist. Otherwise it might be better to get the help of some friends. Here's a simple guide that highlights the most important aspects of a DYI move. Sticking to it has worked for me so far, and hopefully it will be useful for you too.

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