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Kayaking, Lacrosse, Hockey, Parties, Swimming, Skiing, Drinking Heavly, Football San Fran 49ers, De futbol,
Favorite Music:
The Shins, Franz Ferdinad, Oasis (Greatest Band Ever), Modest Mouse, Johnny Cash, Wolfmother, Scissors Sister, and I have been knowin to listen to and occasionally go to a Beastie Boys Concert.
Favorite TV Shows:
The Shield, The Office, Sports Games, and I have been seen dabbeling in O.c
Favorite Movies:
Clockwork Orange, King Kong, Napoleon Dynamite, Walk the Line, Kindergarden Cop, Anything with Lindsey Lohan, Garden State, Children of Men, Anything made by Mel Brookes
Favorite Books:
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr Seuss, The WatchmenMillion Little Pieces - James Frey

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