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I am married and recently had a beautiful baby boy.
I have a fulltime day job.
I started a vegetable garden this summer and plan to keep that going.
I love spending time with my family and building good memories.
I used to like writing in school and figured I'd give it a try online.

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Home & Garden
by Sun-Scribe
7 years ago
Aqua Farming: 5 Reasons To Do It

Aqua farming,also known as aquaponics is the combination of fish and plant farming to create a very productive and efficient farming system. This method eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and produces organically grown fish as an added benefit. Vegetables and fruits can be grown in half the normal time and are typically much healthier when the process is done correctly.

by Sun-Scribe
8 years ago
The Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Legend?

This article examines some of the historical arguments for the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

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