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A lover of life and a traveller through it is how I see myself.  As a result of my nomadic and "free-spirited" lifestyle, I have over the years embraced a variety of ideas, disciplines and skills. Some I have tried once and then rejected and others I have adopted as part of my total creed, and way of living. All have helped me to to develop into the human being I am today.
With high achievement expectations of myself I formerly expected the same standrads from others but have finally realised that we are all very different and that it IS the differences that amaze and excite me in life.
Now I strive to improve myself daily, bite my tongue where I may otherwise offend and avoid pushing my ideas on others. Through writing and blogging I now hope to share insights that will add benefit to other peoples ways of thinking  and expectations of themselves. I also continue to offer training, advice, coaching and holistic skills to anyone who seeks guidance or help in my areas of knowledge.

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