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What do you want to see?
by TEoutdoor
9 years ago
Accepting a stray cat into your home: Steps to a healthy beginning

Making sure the newest member of the family is healthy is a top priority. It does not take long to potty train a cat. Your vet will let you know the best type of food and vitamins to give your new cat, especially if she has become malnourished from neglect. Once the cat feels comfortable, begin the introduction process while ensuring the safety of all the animals involved. Like children, cats will get into anything they are not supposed to be in. They are curious by nature and will investigate everything. Ensure that your home is a safe place to raise a cat. The decision to spay/neuter is entirely a personal preference. Declawing should be considered as a last resort option after all other attempts have failed.

by TEoutdoor
9 years ago
What it takes to be a Correctional Officer: A Brief Synopsis.

A correctional officer provides care, custody, and control of the inmate population within a jail setting. Becoming a correctional officer takes months of education and specialized training within a paramilitary like structured environment. Conditioning the mind is just as important as conditioning the body. The correctional officer is given an awesome amount of responsibility and authority incumbent to the position. While training does model real life, it is not absolute nor is it a panacea. Training will provide a foundation or starting point. Documentation reduces liability. Effectively communicating allows the correctional officer to get the job done and go home safely at the end of the day. Embracing higher education enables promotional opportunities and chances for advancement. Intensive training, testing, and physical conditioning prepare the correctional officer for employment. On the job training prepares one for the real life situations that occur. Effective communication, documentation, and higher education provide a firm foundation for the correctional officer.

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