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Tandrea Spain

About Me:
Simple girl from Illinois.  Likes to swim, read and analyze life.   I am a photoshop junkie and I also build websites. 
Topics that I Enjoy Writing About:
I enjoy affiliate marketing and would love to share my tricks and tips with you!  I am very artistic and can design anything from graphics to livingroom decor.
I recently designed a room in my home and when people visit, they just stare at the room.  LOL  I love showing people the different things you can do to decorate a room on a budget!
I am also a natural hair admirer and will be teaching others how to grow long healthy natural hair.  Some of the other topics I love to talk about is LOVE and how to keep the one you love. 
My Personal Beliefs:
I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.  I want to live in the moment, laugh and have fun. I don't like to worry and I don't enjoy negative conversations AT ALL.  I have a strong relationship with God and I believe that with God we can do anything. (It just takes time, sometimes).
I believe that we are here to assist each other, and grow and learn from one another regardless of race or culture.  We are all a light energy made of pure love and the sooner we realize it, the better off the world will be.
I Am Weird:  LOL  Some people think I'm weird, I am just misunderstood and that's fine.  I enjoy being the way I am, I love me.
In Conclusion:  I like to eat grits with cheese and I am addicted to milk.  That is all
Now Carry On...  :-)

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