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I'm a part time computer tech and part-time stay at home dad to 3 boys. I am new to InfoBarrel and look forward to submitting and getting involved with IB community members.If you are interested in joining Infobarrel and earning money online, sign up here.

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What do you want to see?
by TechGuyGA
7 years ago
Uses and Applications for the Raspberry Pi

The news-breaking release of the $35 Raspberry Pi took the world by storm when announced. Many folks probably aren't aware of the many uses of the Raspberry Pi in their daily lives and how easy it truly is to setup and work with. It may not be the prettiest computer when you first open the box and see an open circuit board computer, but with a few small add-ons and a protective case, this Mini-PC can serve great functions for many people at an extremely low cost.

Pets & Animals
by TechGuyGA
7 years ago
Aquarium Fish and Air Bladder Disease - Knowledge and Cures

Aquarium fish / Goldfish can commonly suffer from Air Bladder or Swim Bladder Disease. Read in here for possible cures and knowledge on the topic. Don't think your fish is a goner, it may just have this common condition which can be treated so your fish can enjoy a nice happy life.

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