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The Guru

Over the years, I have had many careers and avocations that involved many disciplines.  Many people have told me that I have learned and experienced more than most men. 
Years ago, I was called the "The Guru" in many of my career positions because I solved  problems that others could not. I was innovative where others were not.  The title was pinned to me by my peers. 
Many times, people have requested my council on many subjects. I go to my grave with many confessions.   Many times they have encouraged me to write for the Internet.  That is what the The Guru is about.  It is to pass on knowledge from me to you. 
It is my hope that you gain something from me.  Even if it is just a small amount of knowledge, then that is a success.
By many of the Internet reader's standards, I am old.  Don't let that get into your way of acquiring truth.  Who would want to go through  life without knowing the one element that gave them the advantage over others?  The veracity that I have to disclose, may be that one element you needed.  Knowldge that is old is not necessarly obsolete.  History, many times, proves that.
-- The Guru
 "  .....To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson  (1803-1882)

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5 years ago
Christians Can Divorce And Remarry Regardless of Adultery In Marriage

Traditionally Christians were always taught that unless there was adultery involved in a marriage, when you got divorced, you could not remarry since you were considered still married to your original spouse. This is simply not true. Many divorced people languished in a sort of divorced limbo fearing they would violate God's word if they remarried. This article puts that false notion to rest with a detailed explanation.

by The Guru
5 years ago
Women Can't Find A Good Man: Do You Really Know What You Want?

Many single women are constantly whining that they cannot find a good man. Well there are plenty of good single men available. The question is, what kind of man they really want. Do women really know what they want? Here is how to find out.

by The Guru
5 years ago
Romantic Relationship Basic Elements

How to determine if a relationship is a romantic relationship There are three basic elements. It must be all three. It requires a lot of soul searching. This discloses how to know what kind of relationship it may be.

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