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Hi, I have been investing for over 25 years and have worked with borrowers throughout that time.  I am interested in peer to peer loans, and particularly in the investment side of that movement.  You can find out a lot about how to pick loans for investment purposes by reading my articles, or visiting my site at peerlendingtoday.com.  Thanks,

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Business & Money
by TomZheiner
8 years ago
How to Work With Your Lawyer to Succed as a Team

The attorney client relationship in a civil litigaiton case requires careful maintenance by both sides. Clients should be realistic and trust their attorneys, but must also be proactive in ensuring that they are kept up to date.

Business & Money
by TomZheiner
8 years ago
Mastering the Psychology of Managing Debt

Mastering debt means changing your attitude about yourself. Many people deep in debt feel guilty or remorseful. Chaning this attitude is one of the first things necessary to getting back on top financially.

Business & Money
by TomZheiner
8 years ago
Using Unsecured Credit Utilization to Make Smart Decisions Investing in Peer Loans

Investing in peer to peer loans can be difficult. Ability to repay and willingness to repay are the keys, as with any loan. One measure of willingness to repay is a "Rule of 75%" that can be applied to the borrower's unsecured debt load as compared to spending power.

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