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Tootsie on Info Barrel
Why Have I decided to write for Info Barrel
A)Firstly it will give me the opportunity to write about a wider variety of subjects that interest me, topics that I feel that I can’t presently waffle about on my own website and blog Pages from the Heart which is almost entirely paper craft related (I say almost as occasionally I just couldn’t resist the temptation to write about other things) Pages from the Heart is my other very small web presence I have taken my range of sentimental handmade gifts online. They sell well at craft shows,so why not online or at least that was the idea ,well there is a big difference from selling a product in the real world where the customer is right in front of you, to trying to get found for the right “keyword” by “targeted “ visitors from a Google search,but I am learning , unfortunately one of the first things I learned was I should probably rewrite the whole of my 100 plus page website a task I am not looking forward to.
B)During the course of learning to promote my own website I have been learning the importance of “ link building” one of the ways is through writing articles for article directories ,well you get the link which of course is the point but it seemed a lot of effort just for a link so when I heard about Info barrel and that it was possible to share in the Adsense revenue created by the articles you write, I decided this was a much better alternative not just to get more interest in my own site but to perhaps make a little cash by writing about other topics of interest .So here I am.

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