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Hi! Im 21 years old, attending college for Information Systems, and also working in internet marketing on the side. In my free time I usually play online games such as League of Legends (Referal Link). I've been writing here for about a year and love it so far. InfoBarrel has a great community!
Right now I'm also trying out Topline and earning about $5-10 a month that is COMPLETELY passive. It basicly replaces google ads you see with their own, which give you points that turn into cash! Too easy

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by Twriter
6 years ago
How To Get A Smartphone Without A Data Plan

For years now cell phone providers have increasingly become more strict on their data plans. Almost all that claimed to have "unlimited data" have put caps on this or increased their prices to the point that it is completely unbearable. With all the restirctions, using a smart phone without...

by Twriter
8 years ago
Throwing Knives for Sale - Best Throwing Knives

The art of throwing knives is not just something you see in the movies. It is actually a growing trend of self defense all over the world. Whether you are just beggining or are an advanced knife thrower you need to have a proper throwing knife that will do...

by Twriter
7 years ago
5 Essential Ipad Accessories

With the increasing availability of the iPad, they are quickly becoming less of a trendy gadget and more of a  part of our every day lives. The more you use the iPad the more you'll find that there are a few essential iPad accessories that you might need to...

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