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What do you want to see?
by UninvitedWriter
7 years ago
Spring Allergies in Canada

Experts are predicting that allergies this year will be worse than usual. If you are a gardener there are some plants and flowers that will help to lessen the chance of allergies in your home.

by UninvitedWriter
7 years ago
A Short History of Ancient Greek Science

The earliest stirrings of Greek science are found in the eighth century B.C. in the Homeric poems with descriptions of the stars and an unusual concept of the universe as a sphere. Other civilizations had been content with hemispherical skies; the Greek love of symmetrical shapes led them to the concept of a spherical universe.

by UninvitedWriter
7 years ago
The Vikings

The Vikings lived over 200 years ago yet they are still of interest to us today. The Vikings were much more than the warlike race we have come to identify them as. The history is as interesting as that of any culture and our modern society has a lot to thank them for.

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