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thinker and doer, concerned about that which needs changing and that can be changed.

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What do you want to see?
by commonsenseforcommongood.com
8 years ago
An Ideal House Dog, The American Hairless Terrier

Due to their small to medium size, their hardiness, their affectionate nature, their intelligence and trainability, the American Hairless Terrier is an ideal house dog. The fact that they are completely hairless, not only means that they contribute very little to household dirt, but that they generally cause very little problem for chronic allergy sufferers as well.

by commonsenseforcommongood.com
8 years ago
Yves Saint Laurent, the Man You Didn't Know

While Yves Saint Laurent is credited for reviving French couture during the 1960s, and revolutionizing fashions for the entire second half of the twentieth century. Yves rose to the top of the fashion world, and stayed there during that time, while receiving numerous awards and fame. Yves was a tortured soul. The psychological scars from the taunting and ridicule he received as a child growing up in Algeria, followed by torment directed at his obvious homosexuality during his forced induction in the military; which resulted in a physical and mental collapse, pained him throughout the rest of his life. He never truly reconciled himself to his sexuality and developed drug and alcohol dependencies that would plague him throughout life as well.

by commonsenseforcommongood.com
8 years ago
Infinity Disputes Creation and Existence

The concept of infinity denies the possibility of physical existence.

by commonsenseforcommongood.com
8 years ago
Low Cost Summer Fun in Southern California

School is out in southern California, the children are at home, and mother needs to keep them entertained and active while spending the least amount of money possible. One all day activity for everyone at home is a day trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Packing a picnic lunch to eat outside of the park will cut down on expenses. Carpooling with another mother with children can cut down on the travel expense. It is a low investment in an activity that can consume an entire day, but be the subject of much focus and discussion for weeks afterwards.

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