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About me and what makes me tick? - helping people anyway I can!
I enjoy sharing my space on this planet with Info Barrel. My main interests are travel, food, gardening, natural health, art, inventions and design. I try to illustrate articles with my own pictures and this adds to the enjoyment of creating fresh material.
 I run a Q & A help service from our website for people wishing to help themselves to health. www.naturefresh.co.za  We also have a Facebook page .  I am the author of a full colour illustrated guide called: Heathy Happy Eating for all Blood Types.  Wherever there is there is a problem that needs a simple solution I try to find it!

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Travel & Places
by Yindee
5 years ago
A Visit to the Ethiopian Rock Hewn Churches in Lalibella

Ethiopia is steeped in religious history. The people are enigmatic. Where did they come from and why is religion so important? Who carved those monolithic churches out of solid rock? Explore these wonderful heritage sites with us on this journey. Meet some friendly Ethiopians and share in their simple and upright way of life. Ethiopians are certainly no longer starving to death!

by Yindee
5 years ago
Make a Jewellery Box From a CD Spindle

Empty CD spindles are the plastic cases we buy with a stack of CD's. This jewellery box is easy to make and comes in handy when you travel.

by Yindee
5 years ago
To Really Overcome Depression we Need to Address its Cause and Deal With it

Drugs we take to treat depression do not help us to alleviate the cause of what makes one feel so low. At best, you will enjoy getting away from that heavy feeling for a while. Take a look at some of the reasons you have run out of those feel-good chemicals. They can be caused by dietry problems or real life situations that you may be able to change. Change these and you will feel a lot better!

by Yindee
5 years ago
How to Make Gluten Free Play Dough and Cookies

Only three ingredients to make a non-toxic play dough. It is free of gluten and offensive chemicals and is suitable for all blood types. We can can relax about the mixture of yellow pea flour, oil and molasses being eaten and also used to play with.

Home & Garden
by Yindee
5 years ago
How I solved my ant problem without poisoning them.

These simple ant repelling techniques help to get rid of ants without poisoning them or you. But best of all is my discovery about using white pepper to keep them from coming back.

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