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Robert Mwakio

Every day I remind myself that we are not perfect; we cannot know everything. This notion has been a catapulting force in my life. I yean daily to know more, learn more and achieve more. I know I cannot be perfect but I can contribute minutely to improving our planet.I believe in achievements, and an  achievement can only be found through determination.  Growing up in a developing world taught me a lot about striving to succeed. If others did why couldn’t i? That argument spearheaded my achievement in my education’s success from start to where I am, a graduate student working on a research funded by United States Department of Agriculture on Biofuel; its suitability to highly industrialized States; a major focus line on Baton Rouge, the city I reside in now.My field research work in very harsh regions in Africa over the years sharpened my knowledge base and experience in research work, data analysis and computation and finally the final print. This has given me a reputation.I am a family man. I love my wife and son who are the base of my inspiration. My son looks up to me and I know am a source of aspiration to him. This builds a driving force of determination to achieve a goal to everything I pursue.The apple is always on the tree, how to get it is the problem; do we wait for it to fall so that we can eat or device a way to eat it when it’s still ripe!

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