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Active Passive

Just a simple Bostonian who is trying to understand life.

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What do you want to see?
by Active Passive
4 years ago
Water with Coffee: The Best Combination to Feel Your Best

Do you drink water with your coffee? If not you need to read this!

by Active Passive
4 years ago
5 Ways to Stay Sane on the Train Without a Smartphone

How did people entertain themselves in a crowded subway before smartphones were invented? What if you smart phone dies in the middle of your commute? Here are 5 suggestions that do when faced with this situation.

by Active Passive
4 years ago
The Teaching Hospital Hierarchy: Who Are All These Doctors?

Teaching hospitals have many physicians at different levels of training. Understanding the role of each doctor within this hierarchy can help you better navigate the medical training arena and optimize your own care.

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