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Abby Jarell

Abby has been interested in fitness as long as she can remember.  A busy Mom of young twins, she knows taking care of herself is the best way to teach her children to do the same.  Abby enjoys writing and finding fun, new ways to stay fit.  She likes reading Patrick Barrett's blog and fitness e-books, www.BarrettBooks.com, and Patrick Barrett's Easy Exercise for Busy People book.

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What do you want to see?
by Abby Jarell
7 years ago
Hand And Forearm Exercises That Build Strength Not Bulk Alone

One of the most commonly overlooked muscle groups in many training programs are those designed to strengthen forearms and hand muscles. While there are many weight-centered exercises for building bulk, few work better than bodyweight training to build lasting strength in them. There are any number of books related to the topic of hand and forearm exercises using bodyweight training. No better time than today to get started.

by Abby Jarell
7 years ago
Understanding the Difference Between Warm-ups and Stretching

In gyms, spas, and living rooms across the country, many people stretch their muscles and call it a warm-up. This can have harmful effects on the body, joints, and muscles. While stretching can strengthen muscles, doing it before a workout, without first warming-up, may be a mistake.

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