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What do you want to see?
by alonsor
4 years ago
Physical Fitness 101

The basics of physical fitness from the mental perspective. Once the mental component has been underway, an individual is able to sustain a physical fitness lifestyle. This lifestyle can last throughout a person's life and enhance the quality of this forementoned ideal.

by alonsor
5 years ago
The Effect of Body Composition on The Performance Realm

Body composition is divided into the components of body fat and lean body mass. How homeostasis is effected when someone is proceeding through a physical fitness program. Field test and lab tests that measure the body, are then related to performance by principles of fitness.

by alonsor
6 years ago
Bridge the Link: Where the Core and Physical Activity Meet

Myths and misperceptions on the actual core. The core is more than the abdominals; thier are pairs of muscles that are on the back and pelvic regions, which interact with the extremities.

by alonsor
7 years ago
The Missing Link: Rest and Recovery to Improve Fitness Performance

Begins with what performance is and how athletes seem to get enough fitness. With too much working out, athletes become overtrained which can lead to performance decreasing and eventually taking time to get back to pre-performance standards. Rest and recovery is the key to prepare the athlete for the next workout to improve performance.

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