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My name is amber lee. I have two beautiful children who have changed my life forever. I feel that if you want something in this world you just have to have the drive and want and you can recieve anything. I feel that family is the most important thing in this world, and people should not take the ones we love for granted. I am not perfect, I feel like I change and learn something new each day of my life. I love to dance and have a good time. I used to be a dance teacher but now I am a stay at home mommy who goes to school online. I have my associates in psychology and am currently pursuing my bachelors. I love being home with my babies and I wouldnt change anything about my life no matter how bad or good it is or was. This is because people live and learn and I am grateful for any experience I have been blessed with.. I love to try new things everyday. 

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What do you want to see?
by amberleebush
9 years ago
Early Childhood Language Development

There are many things parents do not know about the importance of early childhood language development. When does this develop? How are ways people can encourage their child's language development skills? What are ways that can postpone or harm their skill development?

by amberleebush
9 years ago
The Effects of an Ended Marriage or Relationship

What are the effects of an ended relationship? What does a person have to look forward to after their marriage is over? People, especially with children, have so much to go through when facing a divorce and gaining a new lifestyle.

by amberleebush
9 years ago
Dance Class Facts

Who says dance is not a sport? Dance is a world of its own with numerous genres, and opportunities to fulfill an extremely rewarding lifestyle and career. But parents are hesitant when dancers take dance classes from hobby, to lifestyle at such a young age. What to expect...

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