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Born and raised in Bucharest, I learned that the freedom of speech is the greatest freedom one can get. But we all need to know how to use this, and by constantly learning and sharing what you learn, sharing your opinions, you constantly make the world a better place. Small steps, baby steps even, but steps in the right direction nonetheless.

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What do you want to see?
by andrei_avasi
9 years ago
Our Solar System - Venus

Let's have a trip to Venus, Earth's evil twin brother, a greenhouse gas experiment gone wrong

by andrei_avasi
9 years ago
Our Solar System - Mercury

Want to take a trip to Mercury ? You should know these facts about it first!

by andrei_avasi
9 years ago
Places to see - Bucharest - "Grigore Antipa" Museum of Natural History

Get to see the museum where the natural history of our planet is explained. From the formation of the earth to the roaring dinosaurs, you can see them all here in one place.

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