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What do you want to see?
by athespaniard
7 years ago
5 must have free Android apps for long distance relationships

Are you in a long distance relationship? Thanks to technology it's easier to keep the love alive in a long distance relationship. Even if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are miles apart, even if you are in different countries, you can still stay in touch and be part of each other's life thanks to these Android applications.

by athespaniard
8 years ago
Diet for Pitta Dosha Ayurvedic Type

In Ayurveda, people are classified according to their predominant Dosha. This article talks about the Pitta Dosha and what people of that type can do to improve their health and overall well being through a diet that will help them balance their Dosha.

by athespaniard
9 years ago
How to start a 365 photography project

365 photography projects are becoming very popular. Learn more about them as well as how to get started!

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