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Tanya Roberts

Hello, there! I'm Tanya Roberts, a Vancouver-based marketing consultant that specializes in slick online marketing campaigns to strategically rock website traffic, build brands, gain leads, and increase sales. I'm an experienced marketer, copywriter/editor, freelance writer, internet/online marketing strategist, and social media specialist. Green & eco-friendly enthusiast. Animal lover. Cubicle escape artist. I make up words. Hangry = feed me! Sushi.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Tanya Roberts
7 years ago
Embracing Your Femininity

As a civilization, we are constantly told that "only the strong survive" and that we need to be bigger, better, faster and "more" to make it. We have been force-fed the notion that all of us-male and female-need to "tough it out", rather than show tenderness. But what if this isn't true? What if the only thing that could save us as a society-and transform our lives-is reconnecting with our vulnerability? What if embracing warmth, femininity, and openness is exactly what we need to heal our deep hurts and move into a beautifully diverse and peaceful world?

Business & Money
by Tanya Roberts
7 years ago
7 Different Types of Marketing Copywriting

Writing compelling copy is an art and science. It demands creativity, imagination, and a certain capacity to spin and entertain. Marketing writing is not sexy like novel writing, but it can certainly be just captivating. Good marketing writing persuades. Good writing elicits emotion. It combines and intertwines words and phrases to tell a story. It paints a picture. Writing effective copy is a science in that there are formulas that work. One must try, fail, discover, tweak and improve to achieve success. Here are a few different types of writing for a variety of different uses.

Business & Money
by Tanya Roberts
7 years ago
12 Reasons Your Online Traffic Isn't Converting

So, you've put together a website and you're all set to go with cheesy calls to action (such as 'but wait, there's more!) plus zero white-space (insert sarcasm here). In the online marketing world, the adage 'build it and they will come' does not apply; some concerted effort is required to convert passive clickers into paying customers. Even if visitors come to your website in droves like Justin Beiber fans, they'll need to take some sort of action or your efforts will be a waste. Here are a few common reasons why your website traffic might not be converting.

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