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You'll find a bit of my writing on this site. Hope you enjoy it. I have a vanity site here:
Brent Writes
Brent Farwick

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by brent_writes
5 years ago
Acer C7 Chromebook Hands On Review

A review of the Acer C7 (C710) Chromebook after a month's use. The review also discusses adding Linux to a Chromebook.

by brent_writes
5 years ago
A Quick Take on Microwave Rice Cookers

A short take on microwave rice cookers. They do what they say. They're inexpensive. Owning one makes sense if you have the space for another dedicated cooking device.

Home & Garden
by brent_writes
5 years ago
Handy Layout Tricks for DIYers

A summary of some little known and useful old school layout tricks for the do-it-yourselfer.

by brent_writes
5 years ago
Man's First Straight Line

Man's journey from a lumpy, irregular, non-straight world to our modern world of straight lines, right angles, flat surfaces, and mathematically regular curves is bound to provoke the naturally curious mind.

by brent_writes
5 years ago
Utility Cycling for Regular Folks

Everyday cycling, sometimes called utility cycling, is a lifestyle, not a sport. This article will introduce you to the idea using your bicycle to do nearly everything you now do with your car. You'll learn how to choose a bike, what accessories make sense, how to ride in the rain, how to carry cargo, and what you need to ride at night. Finally I'll tell you what I think you'll miss most about driving if you decide to embrace the everyday cycling lifestyle.

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