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Calvin is a freelance writer and graphic designer.  He loves travel, tech gadgets, and his Dachshund.  Follow him on Twitter @calvinthescribe

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What do you want to see?
by calvinthescribe
5 years ago
5 Ways the Galaxy S5 is Leaving Apple in the Rearview

Samsung's stake in the smartphone market has slowly been creeping upwards with the introduction of the Galaxy line. Now that the newest S5 has hit shelves, Apple better watch their back, cause Samsung is on a warpath to knock iPhone off the top smartphone podium.

Business & Money
by calvinthescribe
6 years ago
How to Become the Best Digital DJ

If you want to become a great digital DJ, then you'll need the right tools to reach your goals. That means more than just collecting DJ equipment. Of course, you'll need that as well!

by calvinthescribe
6 years ago
4 Consumer Tech Devices Being Used by the Military Today

You may not realize it, but the military also uses many consumer tech devices that you're used to in daily life as integral parts of their program. Many items in use by consumers today were developed first by the military, but some products take the opposite track to military exposure. With the vast advancements in technology in all sectors, some consumer products are finding their way into military use after consumers have put them to good use.

by calvinthescribe
6 years ago
5 of the Most Innovative Apps in Your Vehicle

Apps are no longer just for phones. Astute and forward-thinking automakers have begun to include apps as a part of the cars that they offer. Take a look at four of the most innovative apps that you could have in your vehicle.

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