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I am business owner and humor writer. Still a little new around here so forgive me for the bare profile. I'll have plenty more to tell you as time goes on :)

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What do you want to see?
by Chad
8 years ago
Mini Houses

Living green and saving money on heating bills just got a lot easier for anyone who purchased a "Tiny House" recently. The reason being? Because some of their houses are a mere 96 square feet. In order to understand how truly amazing that is, I should point out the...

Business & Money
by Chad
9 years ago
Make Money Without the Internet (PT 2)

The internet is a great place to make money, and there are millions of articles out there telling you how to make money from adsense and affiliate marketing. I am sharing some ideas on how to make money without the internet, like they did in 1992.

Business & Money
by Chad
9 years ago
Make Money Without The Internet

You're business doesn't need to make 10 million dollars to be successful. It doesn't even need to make $10,000. All a successful business needs to do is provide you with a way to make additional money doing something you enjoy with little or no stress.

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