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What do you want to see?
by chpatte4
7 years ago
NCAA Football Playoffs: Death to the BCS

This article summarizes what the NCAA Football Playoffs should look like. It spells out how it can become a reality touching on all the hot issues.

by chpatte4
7 years ago
Today's Best Podcasts: The Comedy Edition

This article is an opinion piece on the author's top five best podcasts in comedy. It gives a detailed description of each comedy podcast chosen.

by chpatte4
7 years ago
The Effects of Binge Drinking: One Man's Real World Struggle to Leave the Party Life on Campus

This article summarizes the effects of binge drinking over a prolonged period of time. More specifically, the author (a middle-aged man) touches on what personal negative effects binge drinking has had on his own life. The article includes many useful tips and attempts to shed his personal issues in a humorous light. .

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