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Business & Money
by cliffandbeth
8 years ago
Outsourcing Your Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping hit the market in the mid-1990's and today people all over the nation can grocery shop in 5 minutes or less. The cost of the food is the same and for a small delivery fee, you can avoid shopping carts, bags, parking lots and above all, you will save a lot of time. Shopping online for your groceries makes you focus on the meal planning of the week and can even make you choose healthier food and prevent you from buying unnecessary items. Don't be afraid to try it!

by cliffandbeth
8 years ago
5-Minute Melanoma Skin Check

Melanoma remains the most deadly form of skin cancer and cases are on the rise. Staying out of the sun and consistently performing this skin inspection will help individuals stay safe and prevent the diseases spread. A healthy glow - is not healthy!

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