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Michael Elric

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Travel & Places
by Michael Elric
5 years ago
How to Save More Money on Gas for Your Car

This article summarizes six simple things every driver can implement in their daily driving routine to save more money on fuel.

by Michael Elric
6 years ago
5 Easy Steps to Live a Happier and more Fulfilling Life

We live in an increasingly competitive and stressful world, so it's not shocking that unhappiness and depression is so prevalent in our society. Here are 5 simple steps we can take to live happier and more fulfilling lives!

by Michael Elric
6 years ago
How to Sleep Around Someone Who Snores

If you're in the predicament of trying to sleep around someone who snores, you know first-hand how frustrating it can actually become. Whether it's a dorm room roommate, or a significant other, many are such light sleepers that it will adversely affect their sleep. Within this article is five simple steps to help reduce the impact snoring has on a relationship, or friendship.

by Michael Elric
6 years ago
10 Signs You Have Social Anxiety Disorder

Unsure if you're exhibiting signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder? It's perfectly normal to have anxious tendencies toward social events or presenting in front of peers, but if you're consistently nervous and fearful over minor social interactions, you may have social anxiety disorder.

Business & Money
by Michael Elric
6 years ago
7 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

With gas prices at an all time high, one must save money where they can, and saving more on auto insurance is a good start. Here are seven easy ways to save money on car insurance.

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