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I've always been more of a genalist than anything. I know a lot about everything and am an expert in nothing.
From gardening to computer programming to maintaining PBX systems are my main forteit.

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Home & Garden
by Just-John
6 years ago
Secret Guide to Weed Control

Use one or more of these techniques to kill weeds in your garden and prevent them from growing back. Old-timers had it right when they practiced organic weed control. These methods are cheap and low-cost. Controlling weeds should be easy and continuous. Forget about all the pesticide crap in the garden center that is not friendly to the environment.

by Just-John
7 years ago
Food Dehydrator Reviews

Food dehydrators are one of the easiest ways to save fruit, vegetables and meat for long term storage. These units are easy to use and maintain. Kids love to set these up and make dried food. It's like they are making their own candy.

Home & Garden
by Just-John
7 years ago
How to Grow Onions Without Crying

Grow onions the easy way and save the crying for when you are peeling and slicing them. There is no reason for you not to grow some great tasting onions yourself. You won't believe how tasty your own homegrown ones taste compared to that cardboard tasting stuff your local supermarket calls 'fresh'.

Home & Garden
by Just-John
7 years ago
10 Tips to Your First Vegetable Garden

Here are 10 tips to get your first vegetable garden started. It's easier to grow vegetables than you think.

Travel & Places
by Just-John
7 years ago
Hurricane Bug Out Bag List

Use this hurricane bug out bag list to ensure that you have everything you need when evacuating before a hurricane. Waiting until the last minute and just grabbing what you think you need is a sure recipe for disaster.

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