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life is about specific moments that get burnt into your memory... love it, embrace it, Im all about love and passion Im a fairly simple and easy going person Very easily pleased new band im in (Bulletproof Beard) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bulletproof-Beard/273497009329387 I used to sing for a band called My Bloodshed Kills. Check them out www.facebook.com/mybloodshedkills -----------------------

Im a Promotion Manager Representative at www.moshzombie.com / My job is to tell everyone about moshzombie.com / bring new opportunity and entertainment to your area threw moshzombie now!!!

I also run a promotion company called Glory of Metal productions I put on local bay area shows I book at alot of different venues I do this because of the fact I love it with every ounce of life I consume, do me a favor and check it out! www.facebook.com/gloryofmetal

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What do you want to see?
by cp3000
8 years ago
CP3000 Top 30 Deathcore Metalcore Viking Metal bands including videos & brief descriptions from Attila Blind Witness Chelsea Grin Whitechapel Black Dahlia and many more!

Here is of thirty metal bands with brief descriptions and music videos or music leading you to why you might want to start listening to metal! There is no real order to these songs or bands, it's just all legit brutal metal that will hopefully help you appreciate metal a little bit more or introduce you to a few bands!

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