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Hello Michelle here!
I am happily married for over 30 years. I am a retired Cricket Farmer, Yes...Crickets, I raised bugs for a living and we did that for over 20 years. Now we travel the country in the summer in our RV with our little Chihuahua's, buying stuff to sell on  Ebay, we are powersellers starting in 2010 Cricketfarmer. I am now also an Internet Marketer, I started my Internet Marketing career with Amy Bass. Her lessons are on  making money online with blogging. She has a fantastic sight and very easy to follow lesson, step by step daily directions. Don't have to worry about the new google updates using her lessons. I still have all the sites I made from here lessons years ago with no problems. Please check it out!
Now I use this service to get my websites up and running more quickly. The lessons are step by step video lessons, in bite size portions so you can fit it into any other work situations, like I do with my eBay business, I also have time to fit Internet marketing in my days, so I can make money while we are out on the road and I can close down my eBay store in the summer when its slow. Fun! Find out how I did just that HERE.

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