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Dan Theron

Dan has previously written and published articles on the internet. He has also written articles for other people as a ghostwriter. He has an interest in subjects ranging from the ancient to the modern as well as the esoteric.

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What do you want to see?
by Dan Theron
6 years ago
Ba Duan Jin: Eight Stretching Exercises for Energy and Flexibility

This article provides a short description of each of the eight postures of the Qigong exercise routine known as Ba Duan Jin.

by Dan Theron
6 years ago
Top 10 Free Project Management Applications

Completing any project involves planning, taking action and keeping track of progress. This is where a free project management application can help you plan and execute a project successfully. Desktop applications are downloaded and installed on your personal computer while web-based project management freeware are hosted on a server and you need internet access to use it. Here are 10 of the best project management applications that you can try out for free.

by Dan Theron
7 years ago
Reduce Cholesterol - How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease and strokes. Doctors prescribe various types of cholesterol reducing medication to patients with high total cholesterol. Learning how to lower cholesterol without medication is an essential part of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

by Dan Theron
7 years ago
Home Music Recording - Recording Music at Home Using Your Computer

Recording live music at home is quite possible thanks to the power of the personal computer and home music recording software. I have done it a few times and it did not sound too bad. Yet it is sometimes a frustrating experience because I lack the right equipment. At the moment the right equipment is too expensive for me to buy. Still, the feeling you get from recording and mastering your first piece of music or song is a rewarding experience.

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