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My greatest passion is to help build the Kingdom of God! I choose to follow the path paved by Jesus, or Yahoshua. There is a foundation to this kingdom Jesus spoke about; Proverbs 9:1 "Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out its seven pillars!" I believe YAHWEH has placed me here in this moment to bring, not a unique revelation but a new perspective of His ancient revelation; which is a direct relationship with the Father and the fruit thereof!
I'm no guru. I am a father, husband, brother and son who has dedicated his life to serving the Lord. Not as a member of any particular denomination or church, but as a fellow "sinner." Now, as we see so clearly with the advent of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, the majority of people all over the world are tired of being broken and broke!
So my goal is to create a website and blog that will inspire all people to seek peak performance. My objective is to create a place for motivation for young and old. I want to create a place that allows dreamers to form concrete plans and healthy habits to achieve their goals. Ultimately, I want to teach each individual what they should know (or should have known) BEFORE they graduate high school and enter the “real world.”
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InfoBarrel University
by dataman
9 years ago
Article Writing is not for Wimps! 2 Critical Characteristics for Success

At first glance, article writing for revenue sharing sites seems simple and a sure way to success for beginning writers. But like everything else in life, it's not as easy as it looks! Between finding your niche and setting up your adsense account, a work from home dad (or mom) can get discouraged quickly.

InfoBarrel University
by dataman
9 years ago
Article Writing for Revenue Sharing Sites: A Dream Come True!

This article is about how I found article writing for revenue sharing sites. My goal is to share my experience as a new article writer and to share resources I have found on the net that can help others pursue this opportunity as well! Internet marketing is a steadily growing field with a wide variety of passive income models; just look at Infobarrel.com and the success of my favorite blogger, Pat Flynn who writes thesmartpassiveincome.com blog. With so much to choose from, this is a great place to start and here's why!

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