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 I am a professor, student, husband, father, backpacker, cyclist, xbox lover, and many other things. I write online for ehow, Bukisa, Infobarrel, and other miscellaneous sites including a weekly blog, The Saturday Morning Post.

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What do you want to see?
by daveward
10 years ago
Lung Cancer: Understanding and Dealing with Cancer of the Lung

Lung cancer is a form of cancer that usually starts in the lower trachea or inner cell walls of the bronchi (tubes heading into the lungs). It then often moves into the lobes of the lungs themselves or into the surrounding tissues. If cancer starts elsewhere in the body...

Business & Money
by daveward
8 years ago
Find Bank Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Bank foreclosed homes for sale are one of the fastest ways to increase your net worth. The great part is, anyone can find a bank owned foreclosure. The hard part is buying a foreclosure that will actually make you money.

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