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David Stewart

I have been a practicing lawyer since 1995, as a registered trade mark attorney from 1999, and as a notary public from 2012. I have worked in Japan and from 2000-2003 practiced in intellectual property in Hong Kong. I would write more but I don't want to bore you with details, especially since I'm not representing any company when I post articles at Infobarrel. If you want to learn more about me from a professional perspective, you can visit my Linkedin profile, otherwise, I prefer to let my articles be the main point of my IB profile.

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Business & Money
by David Stewart
6 years ago
Brand Hijacking and IP Issues on the Internet

A large number of multinational companies have embraced the Internet as a new venue for branding and marketing, especially since it is a cost-effective medium that goes beyond traditional geographical borders. However, most of them fail to address a new type of corporate-targeted attacks on the Internet called brand hijacking, which may end up undoing years and millions of dollars worth of reputation building in a single fortnight.

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