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I am a housewife living with my family. I am a reading speed trainer. Professionally I did GNM in healthcare field. But I have left my job and get into reading speed training due to the overwhelming response from students.
And most important thing to be here is that I prefer to write. This is my passion. I wanna utilize my time to explore my core passion here. I would be happy to receive your comment on my writing. This would be a great help to improve my writing standard.

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What do you want to see?
by debasmita
8 years ago
Nursing Ethics

Ethics of Nursing is determined by caring rather than 'curing" in terms of patient and Nurse relationship. The main focus of Nursing is to develop a core caring relationship with patients rather than proving medical assistants. Hence Nursing is called a noble profession. And its ethics has a great value to our society.

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