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        About Me  
I must accept that I am new to blogging because I have done it for less than a year. Before I forget, I  welcome you to join me at Infobarrel so that we can write and make money together.You can sign up here.
Being new to blogging does not mean that I have not achieved anything. I own some few blogs that I write for. I also write for other websites. Following are all the sites I write for:

Bananaview Media (own site)
Bizina Hotnews (own site)
Infobarrel (revenue sharing)
Iwriter (writing articles for clients)
Write2pages (own blog-free )

          Hire Me
Writing is my passion and I could like to offer my services to any individual at a very low price. For instance, I  write a  500 word article at $8 which means that I charge 0.016 per word and  charge  $4.8 if it is a 300 word articel.
If you wants artices in bulky, don't fear that I cannot beat the stipulated deadline. You  just do keyword research and then give me instructions which I follow to the dot. I offer free keyword research on only Google and Bing to any person who wants 50 and more articles.
You can contact me via dennisorina@bananaview.com.

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Using Your Android Phone to Access and Transfer Files of Your Website

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