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R Wright

I am  web copywriter, and a Reiki Master Healer by interest. My area of focus is personal development (including spiritual growth), green-living, and minimalist motherhood. During my idle moments, I like to do survey, devour on self-help books, and study the latest discoveries in my fields of expertise.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by R Wright
8 years ago
Meditation: Stress buster for new moms

The cheapest and most effective stress buster is meditation. This is something you can do anywhere, anytime, and it doesn't cost you anything. Here is why and how.

by R Wright
8 years ago
"I'm frustrated!" - How to get unstuck in life? - Part 1

When we are frustrated in life, we tends to seek relief from our outer world. External change is spasmodic; organic change is sustainable. Understanding the "why's" behind our frustrations is a huge leap in getting unstuck from our current dilemma. Read on to find out more.

Travel & Places
by R Wright
8 years ago
Flying Solo with an Infant/ Toddler: 12 Essentials for Your Carry On

Flying solo with an infant/ toddler can be very challenging. Let alone the flying part; deciding what to pack in your carry on can be overwhelming too. Here are 12 essentials that will help you survive the long hours.

Business & Money
by R Wright
9 years ago
Boostrapping for Future Business Success

Bootstrapping is the peddle stone for future business success. Most entrepreneurs went into business to spend money rather than to make money. Spending money is easy; making money is the hardest part. But once you get good at making money, you'll love it, and will earn the second nature to do it easily.

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